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Infected Rain Rain Down New Single “Fighter”

  • Axl Rosenberg

There are a lot of easy comparisons to be made between Infected Rain and Jinjer. They’re both female-fronted bands whose other members are all male; they’re from neighboring parts of the world (Infected Rain are Moldovan, Jinjer are Ukranian); they’re both signed to Napalm Records; and they both play an updated style of metalcore that would make them really popular on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival Jägermeister Stage, if the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival Jägermeister Stage were still a thing.

Normally, this is the part where I’d then say something like, “But they also have a lot of differences, too!”, and then list those differences.


ANYWAY, frontwoman Lena Scissorhands says about “Fighter”:        

“Inspired by strong women who never give up,
Fighter is a reminder of the here and now!
Fighter is a reminder of strength and potential.
‘Today right now, all you’ve got is this!’”

“You’ve got this,” by the way, is a literal lyric in the song. So.

Check out the song via the below music video.

The track will appear on Infected Rain’s new album, Ecdysis, which comes out January 7. Pre-order it here. “Ecdysis” is “the process of shedding the old skin (in reptiles) or casting off the outer cuticle (in insects and other arthropods),” so, of course, the album art (below) has a human captured in a spider-web. I’m being facetious, in case that’s unclear. The album art makes no sense given the album title.

In other Infected Rain news, the band has announced an upcoming concert stream and documentary, dubbed The Devil’s Dozen. A press release describes it thusly:

“Dive deep into the history of Infected Rain with a full documentary spanning the past 13 years of the band’s history with behind the scenes footage, and witness a breathtaking full show with incredible production and special effects – including rare song material! Both the documentary and concert stream will become available for viewing on November 26 and can be watched for eight days after the first airing.”

Tickets are here.

Ecdysis track listing:

  1. “Postmortem Pt. 1”       
  2. “Fighter”      
  3. “Longing”        
  4. “Goodbye”       
  5. “The Realm of Chaos” feat. Heidi Shepherd (Butcher Babies)
  6. “Everlasting Lethargy”   
  7. “These Walls”   
  8. “Showers”       
  9. “November”    
  10. “Never the Same”       
  11. “Nine, Ten”    
  12. “Postmortem Pt. 2”     
Infected Rain Rain Down New Single “Fighter”
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