Enlarge Sully Erna has a history of sharing conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and liberal politician

Politically-Outspoken Godsmack Singer Tells Celebrities Not to Be Politically-Outspoken


Over the course of the past two years, Godsmack singer Sully Erna has been flagged by Facebook for spreading disinformation about Bernie Sanders, endorsed conspiracy theories about COVID-19, and asserted that the virus “not a global killer” despite the fact that it has, indeed, killed more than five million people worldwide.

Regardless of his willingness to share his own medical and political opinions, Erna recently told Milwaukee radio station 102.9 The Hog that celebrities should not share their medical and political opinions:

 “I get paid to be an entertainer. That’s the position I’ve chosen. So I’ll focus on entertaining, making people smile, healing people through music. And anybody else that’s out there in a celebrity status that’s pushing people one way or the other when you have no experience as a medical expert or a politician, my advice is shut up and let people live their lives because you don’t know the consequences when you push them one way or the other. So why don’t you just do what you’re great at and entertain, because that’s what you are. That’s the position I’ve taken and that’s the position I’m gonna stand with. I’m gonna write my music, I’m gonna put on great live shows, and I’m gonna help people escape a lot of their daily problems, hopefully, that they have to face regardless.”

You can listen to the entire interview below.

In 2007, Erna settled a multi-million dollar court case with a 27-year-old woman, resulting from a car accident which left the woman with a severe traumatic brain injury. Erna blamed the design of the road for the accident.


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