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Rockers Who Love to Play Casino Games


Music and gambling are an integral part of the entertainment industry. Famous artists have performed in casinos for decades, but did you know that rock stars like to play games, too? Gambling provides the thrill rockers love and keeps them on the edge of their seat. Check out the biggest industry names that never kept a secret their love for casino games!

Scott Ian

Scott Ian never hid that he enjoys casino games, although it’s tough implementing them into his busy schedule. The musician, who has a talent both for sick riffs and gambling, now focuses on recommended internet platforms, such as the Play Live casino online reviewed by CasinoHEX.

If Scott had to choose a single casino game, it would probably be poker. Many remember the VH1 Rock and Roll Celebrity Tournament where he outsmarted all other stars to win the competition. And it wasn’t easy because the famous music platform gathered many big names, including:

  • Dusty Hill (late ZZ Top bassist)
  • Vinnie Paul (late Pantera and Hellyeah drummer)
  • Phil Helmuth (pro player)
  • Phil Laak (pro player)

The founding member of Anthrax was so good that many attempted to persuade him to become a pro poker player. That didn’t happen because he still prefers playing the guitar over playing the table, but that doesn’t mean that Scott has completely stopped enjoying poker and other games.

The technology and the arrival of Playlive casino and other platforms made it possible for visitors to play from anywhere, and that’s something Ian could use whenever he has free time.

Salvatore “Sully” Erna

Sully Erna founded Godsmack in 1995, and the group has consistently gathered large crowds for years over the course of their seven studio albums. Erna also put out a solo album in 2010, although he remains best known for Godsmack. But a thing people don’t know is that Sully is an amazing poker player.

The best proof of the rocker’s poker devotion is his tattoo: you’ll find “No Justice” spelled on his back with four burning aces. The origin of Sully’s body artwork reportedly came from a poker game when he found himself holding four of the game’s best card. It’s a strong hand you don’t often get in the game, but Sully eventually folded his quad because his opponent went all-in. It was a wise move because the opponent had a royal flush. The rocker realized that there’s “no justice in poker.”

Though Sully remains active in Godsmack, there’s no recent information on whether he still plays poker. Even if he doesn’t visit Play Live casino online, Sully probably enjoys a game or two with friends every now and again.


Ian Fraser Kilmister, known as Lemmy, founded Motorhead in 1975. The rock band and its singer and bassist became a leading force in the heavy metal genre and inspired many bands of the following generations, including Slipknot, who recently completed a U.S. tour.

If he wasn’t playing or writing, Lemmy was probably in a casino. That might be where Motorhead’s famous song “Ace of Spades” was written. Lemmy arranged and wrote that song by himself and could often be found at the famed Rainbow Bar and Grill in Los Angeles at the bar’s video slot.

A documentary named Lemmy: The Movie portrays the life of this great musician. He was an old-fashioned rocker and his time was before the Play Live Casino, but he loved land-based gambling facilities. It shows him as a big slot lover. Lemmy was often spinning the reels in London casinos. The movie shows that he always drank jack and coke cocktails while enjoying the slots. There’s no record of whether Lemmy ever won big prizes, but he was probably in it for fun anyway. Unfortunately, the famous rocker passed away in 2015 at the age of 70.

Paul Daniel “Ace” Frehley

The KISS timeline is full of important events, but Ace Frehley, aka the Spaceman, was a crucial part of the band’s original lineup, the co-founder and the lead guitarist of the band from 1973 to 1982. Frehley rejoined KISS in 1996 and continued with them for six years, but Ace left the band again for two different reasons: 1) he started abusing alcohol and other substances, 2) he didn’t like the direction KISS were going.

Outside the music industry, the rock star is famous as a poker fan. It’s what you expect from someone with the nickname “Ace.” Frehley is a frequent visitor of Las Vegas facilities because it’s where this musician lives. While others could use it to read one Play Live casino review to see if it’s a suitable online platform, Ace has land-based gaming facilities nearby. He never talked about his successes in casinos, but he appeared in a celebrity poker tournament in 2016. Unfortunately, Ace didn’t have the luck to win the competition.

Final Thoughts

Rock stars like to live life on the edge and look for entertainment activities that provide an adrenaline rush. Casino games fit that description, so it’s no wonder many rockers enjoy them. We could say the same for musicians across all industries. Many African celebrities have their Playlive casino South Africa login credentials, while U.S. rock stars might prefer land-based gambling facilities. But whatever their preference, there’s no doubt that musicians love casino games!


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