Enlarge The Nuge has doubled down on his support of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot and killed two racial justice protestors.

Ted Nugent: “If You’re Against Kyle Rittenhouse, You’re on the Side of Evil”


Noted legal scholar, constitutional expert and supporter of racial justice Ted Nugent has doubled down on his support of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot and killed two men (and injured another) at a Kenosha, WI racial justice protest last year.

Last week, Nugent chimed in on the newly handed down acquittal of Rittenhouse, saying “he did his job” and offering him a “lifetime supply of ammunition.”

Now the man who claimed that the Capitol rioters were Black Lives Matter and antifa supporters masquerading as conservatives has gone deeper on the issue in one of his own video livestreams, which aired on Monday, November 29. He said:

“Now is the time to optimize the thankfulness for this unique, wonderful, one-of-a-kind American dream, by taking advantage of examples of where good overcomes evil, where good overcomes bad and the ugly. And the ultimate example of that is that Kyle Rittenhouse implemented, executed perfect self-defense.

“If you’re against Kyle Rittenhouse, you’re on the side of evil. If you’re against Kyle Rittenhouse, you think that evil should win over good. That’s exactly what that means. If you are saying, ‘Thank you, God,’ ‘Thank you, the Kenosha jury,’ ‘Thank you, the Kenosha judge,’ ‘Thank you, Kyle Rittenhouse,’ because good people believe in good over evil, if you really believe that, a family — hallelujah — isn’t enough. You’ve gotta call your mayor, your senator, your congressman, your governor, your attorney general. Leave a message at their office that we believe in good over evil and we are thanking God and the Kenosha jury and the Kenosha court system for proving that the most pure, righteous instinct and right to self-defense is supported.

“This is a moment in time. This is a powerful moment for good people to stand up and be counted, because those against Kyle Rittenhouse are on the side of evil. They think that paroled child molestors and rapists and felons should be let out on the street to threaten our lives. And according to the left, according to CNN, according to the protestors against Kyle Rittenhouse, we should bend over and let evil kill us. That’s what the other side stands for. That’s sick. People against self-defense that are voicing against Kyle Rittenhouse, those people are sick. That is an evil sickness, to think that good people should surrender to life-threatening evil. That’s what we’re looking at here.

“Let everybody know that we support good over evil, Kyle Rittenhouse over evil, self-defense against evil, life-threatening forces,” Ted added. “Now is the time to shout that loud and proud everywhere we go.”

Rittenhouse initiated the quarrel with the two men he ended up killing, Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber. He shot and wounded a third, Gaige Grosskreutz.

[via Blabbermouth]

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