New Sylosis Single “Immovable Stone” is Unf*ckwithable Metal

  • Axl Rosenberg

I have no idea why Sylosis aren’t one of the biggest bands in metal right now, given that pretty much everything they release is totally killer. I can only interpret it as yet more proof that there is no benevolent God.

There is, however, a benevolent Josh Middleton. Thus, we now have another Sylosis song, “Immovable Stone,” full of all the things that make this band so great: thrashy rage, chunky groove, and a big bad chorus that will absolutely get stuck in your head. As I said… in a just world, Sylosis would be massive.

Listen to “Immovable Stone” below. No word on whether or not it’s heralding a new album. The group’s last offering, Cycle of Suffering, was released last year.

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