Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley Shares His Honest Opinion on Social Media Influencers


Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley recently joined The MetalSucks Podcast for part one of our annual two-part best-of-the-year celebration (alongside Lucifer’s Johanna Sadonis and Nicke Andersson, and Seven Spires’ Adrienne Cowan and Jack Kosto).

We spoke with Buckley on a number of topics (the chat took place before the band’s inner turmoil spilled into the public eye), among those Keith’s view that it’s OK to surround oneself with like-minded people instead of bringing contrary opinion into your life for the sole sake of doing so. Buckley, who in 2018 said Trump supporters were unwelcome at his band’s shows, shared his opinion on lifestyle social media influencers, and how he prefers to find positive inspiration from other sources:

“I just think this Instagram… you know, the health, self-care, spirituality, that shit. OK, they’re right. But they’re bad people doing the right thing. And you have to figure out if that’s the case for a lot of things. Are these bad people doing a good thing for self-fulfilling needs? And I think these influencers that are like, ‘Everything’s groovy man, just travel and take pictures.’ Like, you don’t understand the struggle of people who don’t have the opportunity that you have, which is why I disregard anything these influencers say.

“It is important to start by finding core good people. You’ll have a lot in common with them and then you can feel good about being good. Then you can do good things together. I know personally; I felt that in my doing good, I was judging bad people. And I don’t like to judge. It’s not moral, it’s not ethical to judge people. You should not do that unless you understand the story. But I was understanding that I was a different kind of person. I thought in a different way, I spoke in a different way, I related to people in a different way and there are other people like me. And if we avoid bad people, that doesn’t make us ignorant to their plight, it makes us value who we are and our comprehension of things.

“These people, let’s say MAGA. They say, ‘Well, you hate me ’cause I wear a hat.’ Well you weren’t born in the red hat, it’s a choice you made. I don’t value your opinion at all ’cause you made these choices. I don’t hate you for saying that, [but] I am going to ignore you. I am going to ignore you and you are going to go away and I’m going to stay with the people that make me happy, ’cause when I can turn inward and be happy, then I can face out and help.”

You can listen to our full chat with Keith, as well as the other above-named guests, right here or in the embed below.

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