Enlarge The tissue paper calls the snowflake white.

Kid Rock Offended by People Offended by His New Song About How People Are Too-Easily Offended

  • Axl Rosenberg

Bob “Kid Rock” Ritchie has taken to social media to express offense over those offended by “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” his recent song about people being too-easily offended.

Unsurprisingly given his support for former president Donald Trump, his aversion to wearing masks, and his casual use of homophobic slurs as insults, the lyrics of the song serve as a rallying cry for conservative culture, blaming “snowflakes,” “offended millennials” and “woke” culture for everything Rock perceives as wrong in modern day America.

Writing on Facebook, Rock has now demonstrated his own thick skin via a missive addressed to “pansy ass woke critics and trolls”:

“Remember ‘Sticks and Stones may break my bones….?’ Whatever happened to that shit? Quit being so dam offended, toughen up and enjoy life!”

Rock then went on to rant about the media for a few sentences, which does not at all come across as a desperate attempt to make sure the press covers this. Which we did. Truly, we’re all losers when Kid Rock is involved.

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