Five of the Most Iconic Signature Metal Guitars


Without electric guitars and their iconic designs and trademark distorted riffage, there would be no such thing as heavy metal. Since its inception in the 1960s, heavy metal has steadily gained popularity, with great artists of every generation from Tony Iommi to Jason Richardson leaving their musical impression on the instrument and genre.

While the riveting riffs and leads of metal music capture our attention and elevate our excitement level, the same can happen to online players when playing online casino games such as Book of Dead. All this excitement wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have our favorite heavy metal guitarists creating such vibrant tones, so today we’ll have a look back at five of the most iconic signature metal guitars responsible for the music we love to listen to.

ESP KH-2 – Kirk Hammett

In 1991, Kirk Hammet went to ESP and requested a new custom-designed guitar. What the lead guitarist of Metallica got was an instrument he’d perform with throughout the 1990s. Most importantly, the blockbuster ‘Black Album’ was recorded using this guitar.

The commercially available guitar had specific features of his own customized model, and thanks to its popularity, there have been some premium editions issued over the years. The iconic ‘S-Style KH2’ was recently sold for $350,000 in an auction.

Jackson Concorde V – Randy Rhodes

Did you know that Randy Rhodes, of Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot fame, named his iconic ‘Jackson Concorde V’ after the supersonic airliner Concorde? This solid V-shaped guitar had a Stratocaster style tremolo and an ebony fretboard.

Clearly, Randy Rhodes was a passionate guitarist. He commissioned the guitar in the early days of his career and played it throughout the late ’70s before his untimely passing.

The Jackson Concorde V has inspired thousands of new players to pick up the instrument over the years. Kirk Hammett even played this guitar in the earlier days of his career.

The Frankenstein (Frankenstrat) – Eddie Van Halen

Everyone knows how a fictional doctor created Frankenstein, and most rock fans know that Eddie Van Halen’s guitar, the ‘Frankenstrat’, has a similar story. Designed in 1974, he bought the guitar’s maple fretboard for a mere $130 and picked up a cheap second-hand body. Initially, it was painted all red, and the black and white stripes were added later. In April 2019, the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibited this superb guitar.

B.C. Rich Kerry King V – Kerry King

Every Slayer fan knows what Kerry King can do with his B.C. Rich Kerry King V that he has used since the late 1990s (until his recent switch to Dean). The first B.C. Rich model he used had a mahogany body and maple top. The striking design comes from the red cross on a body painted with black satin, while the ebony fretboard has 24 jumbo frets with pearl, stone, and Kerry King custom inlays.

Jaydee SG ‘The Old Boy’ – Tony Iommi

Black Sabbath together with the Jaydee SG ‘Old Boy’ model means metal at its best. John Diggins designed the first model, and Black Sabbath and Iommi used it as while recordings their 1980 album Heaven and Hell, among others.

The fretboard had 24 frets with signature cross inlays, while the pickup set included a Jaydee special bridge and a John Birch style Magnum X in the neck position in a casing made by John Diggins.


For some bands, a guitar becomes a trademark of their extraordinary performances. For others, it is simply an essential element of the heavy metal code. Choose wisely, as guitarists in metal bands in particular have a special relationship with their instruments. After all, it’s the magical tool that gives an individual identity to their art.


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