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Wendy’s Savagely Took Down Lamb of God, Underoath, Attack Attack! and More on #NationalRoastDay


Yesterday, January 12, marked the annual #NationalRoastDay for American burger chain Wendy’s, who in past years have displayed a surprising knowledge of metal and hardcore amidst the all-day-long public “roasting” on Twitter it doles out to its followers, including a number of major brands.

This year whoever is behind the Wendy’s Twitter account took on the likes of Lamb of God, Underoath, Attack Attack!, Hawthorne Heights and a number of other bands from the scene, firing back some absolute zingers when prompted.

You can have a look at some of the highlights below!

For whatever reason, Wendy’s, more than any other fast food chain, seems to often find itself connected to the metal scene: in 2019, some metalcore bands made headlines by playing a show in an abandoned restaurant, while last year a band shut down a drive-thru with a performance.

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