Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life” Breaks One Billion Views on YouTube


These days, more and more artists from all different genres are finding themselves in the ‘1 Billion Club,’ which is a once-elite collection of musicians whose videos have hit one billion views on YouTube. But like any credible institution, it was only a matter of time before metal ruined that club by showing up with all its buckles and eye make-up on. Case in point, it turns out that goth-metal hitmakers Evanescence are now part of the crew, as their single “Bring Me to Life” has surpassed the billion-stream mark on YouTube.

“So very proud to have reached a billion views!” wrote the band on Twitter. “What a crazy thing. Thank you for all the love, all the memories. I’m speechless. In honor of reaching a billion views, we are uploading an HD Restored version of the video very soon.”

Here’s the thing: of course it has. Even if you don’t care for Evanescence, you have to admit that “Bring Me to Life” was a massive hit that far surpassed the cinematic turd it originally accompanied (we don’t even want to say its name, but let’s just say it nearly ruined Marvel’s second-best superhero). It’s one of those metal songs that everyone knows and immediately associates with the era in which they first heard it, or bumped it for a while and then got tired of it or got made fun of for it. It’s definitely a song that has gone beyond just metal and hard rock, too, and is more of a cinematic power-pop track that anything else.

I guess that’s a long way of saying congrats to Evanescence? We’re not going to act like this track is the pinnacle of heavy metal, but we also can’t deny that it’ll pay for that band’s socks and cereal for the rest of their goddamn lives. So kudos, you crazy kids!

Add a few drops to the ocean below:

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