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Exclusive Video Premiere: ENOX Pay Fealty to the Metalcore Gods with “Inertia”


Never assume a scene is dead, because a band like ENOX will prove you wrong. The Jersey-City-born-but-Athens-Georgia-dwelling crew play metalcore of the classic variety — big groaning breakdown riffs and emotional shrieks coupled with moments of pop-punk momentum and clean vocals. The band seem intent on making music that is not open to interpretation, but instead pays homage to the bands that came before them. Is trad-metalcore a thing? Because these dudes are all about it.

ENOX’s new video for “Inertia” off of last month’s Euphoria doubles down on this devotion. This one’s got it all — performance shots with flickering scratchy images over them, colors reminiscent of an oil slick on a puddle, and a lot of to-the-camera earnestness. It’s a purposeful merging of old and new influences that still reminds one of the days of yore (or days of ‘core, am I right? Anyone?).

Say the band:

“‘Inertia’ speaks on regret and the vicious cycles that one can self inflict. Despite fact that everything may seem perfect, it’s not uncommon to live in sorrow and fighting inner demons. Regret can send us on a never ending journey for closure whilst stripping away any sense of self forgiveness. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important at our lowest points. Inertia is a reminder that despite the cards and circumstances we’re dealt with, it’s how we learn to live with ourselves and how we choose to live that defines who we are.”

Check out our exclusive premiere of ENOX’s “Inertia” video below, and catch the band at one of their upcoming tour dates:

MARCH 14 Sherwood, AR @ Area 51
MARCH 15 Tulsa, OK @ Foolish Things
MARCH 16 Fort Worth, TX @ Haltom Theater
MARCH 17 Austin, TX @ Come and Take Live
MARCH 18 Houston, TX @ Acadia Bar & Grill
MARCH 19 Corpus Christi, TX @ Boozers Rock Bar
MARCH 20 Baton Rouge, LA @ Onyx Theater
MARCH 22 Mobile, AL @ Alabama Music Box
MARCH 23 Birmingham, AL @ Ghost Train Brewing
MARCH 24 Duluth, GA @ Sweetwater Bar and Grill
MARCH 25 Charlotte, NC @Skylark Social Club

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