4 Sectors That Have Been Greatly Influenced By Music


Statistics show that 68% of adults aged between 18 and 34 years listen to music daily, while older people enjoy listening to music regularly as well. Music is so popular because it has a lot of influence over human emotions. Over the years, music has been used in different settings and industries as a form of therapy. In addition, it has also influenced how some sectors operate. Let’s look at some of the industries influenced by music.

1.   Medical

Medical professionals, especially surgeons, are known to listen to music while operating on patients. Music was introduced in the operating room in 1914 to reduce anxiety, and a study shows that listening to music genres like hip hop improves surgeons’ performance. The popularity of streaming services has made it possible for more surgeons to focused when conducting hours-long procedures by managing stress with music.

2.   Marketing and Advertising

Music is a powerful tool because it affects our emotions and brain. It also helps in activating memories and enhancing personal experiences. Because of this, marketers and advertisers use music to sell their products and services to consumers. Brands have mastered the art of creating colorful, high energy advertisements with upbeat music. Using the right music in your advertisements is important if you want to reach your target market. Choose music that helps you convey the message you want to communicate.

3.   Automotive

Car buyers today go for the models with the latest infotainment systems, so automakers are increasingly manufacturing vehicles with improved systems that allow car owners to stream music as they drive. Over the years, the music player in the car has evolved from the cassette player to the CD player to streaming services.

If you decide to lease a car instead of buying, get one that supports the latest music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. When shopping, you can browse different dealership websites to see the available inventory and estimate how much you’ll need to pay. Use a lease calculator to get the preliminary quote before selecting a leasing partner.

4.   Sports

Music plays an important role in the professional sporting world. Sports stadiums use music to generate a response from spectators and sports fans during games. Athletes also use music to enhance their workouts and focus. Huge sporting events such as The Super Bowl attract a lot of viewers thanks to the halftime show that features performances by renowned musicians. The 2022 halftime concert attracted about 103.4 million viewers, a 7% increase from the 2021 show. Music is an important element used in most sporting leagues worldwide.

Music creates an emotional connection and influences how humans interact with brands, events, and personal experiences. While most people listen to music for leisure, music is also quite important in major industries. Most sectors continue to rely on music to connect with their audiences and target markets.


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