Current and Former Members of Decapitated Are Distributing Supplies to Ukrainians at the Polish Border


The crisis in Ukraine has plenty of people taking sides and doing their best to help the Ukrainian people. So far, the efforts have been appreciated, but distant — Pussy Riot launched an NFT campaign, while Dee Snider gave Ukrainians his full approval to blast “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as their rallying cry. But now, current and former members of Poland’s Decapitated, specifically guitarist Warclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka and ex-bassist Hubert Więcek, are making a hands-on effort on the ground, delivering supplies to Ukrainians at the border to Poland.

According to DW.com, the Polish border is currently packed with Ukrainians attempting to leave their country rather than face Russian military violence. And while there have been reports of incidents like this one in People about African students being turned away because they’re black, the Polish are doing their best to aid the incoming Ukrainians.

Vogg posted the photo below of the border, and has set up a Paypal account at the address [email protected] in order to collect donations with which he can buy supplies. He wrote the following caption:

We returned to Krakow this morning.
We managed to deliver all the gifts to the Ukrainian side !!

We were also allowed to cross the border several times to deliver the most necessary products collected on the Polish border and reload them on the Ukrainian side.

Help is needed, especially in Ukraine, because people are stuck in traffic jams.
Together with our friends, we want to go to the border again.

Many of you wrote to us with a support offer, so we’ve decided to create a PAYPAL account. We will use the collected funds to buy medicines, hygiene products, and the most necessary things.
I hope you will join us!
????PAYPAL: [email protected]

Meanwhile, Więcek posted a video, which you can watch below, with the following statement:

Quick update and.message to all our friends and friends in need from Ukraine – we are floating around the Ukrainian border in Medyka. Transporting food, drinks, cosmetics, first aid needs, hygiene products, clothes, underwear and supplies.
We’ve already collected almost 3k Euros, which is insane and we would like to thank so much to all the donators – on our side we are doing the best and doing the physical work here. This is the least we can do now.
To all my friends from Ukraine who are trying to cross and need transportation to Lublin/Rzeszów/Cracow – please msg me or @my_heart.is.black . We are still here and will be till afternoon and we can take 3 people on our way back.
Dear friends from Ukraine – stay strong, we are here to help, you can count on us.

Everyone here at MetalSucks gives a hard salute to these dudes for doing their best to help people during this crisis.

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