Russia’s Slaughter to Prevail Issue Detailed Statement Showing Solidarity with Ukraine, Asking Fans Not To Vilify Russian People


This weekend, we wrote about how Russian deathcore act Slaughter to Prevail issued a statement regarding war and not wanting to take sides, seemingly to address the conflict in Ukraine. Many of our readers were chapped that we focused on the neutrality aspect of the quote — but the truth is, that initial statement didn’t mention Russia OR Ukraine, it just said “No to war!” and focused on saying the band were apolitical. But now, Slaughter to Prevail have issued a more nuanced statement, in which they’ve expressed pain at seeing what’s happening in Ukraine and asked fans not to vilify Russian people for Putin’s actions

Here’s a transcription of Slaughter to Prevail frontman Alex Terrible’s statement for the band, via our private dancers over at Metal Injection:

“I’m making an official statement on behalf of the whole band, as a leader. I’m Alex Terrible and I play with Slaughter To Prevail. I’m the vocalist, and we play deathcore and death metal. We show guns and weapons and tanks in our video clips, and so on. Despite this fact, we are against the war. We are against any war. It is hurting us to see what is happening right now in Ukraine. We have been in Ukraine many times for shows, and our last tour finished in Ukraine.

“Please do not make the whole Russian people an accomplice. Please. I wish you a beautiful, peaceful sky above your head. Thank you for your attention.”

Right on. We’re glad Terrible clarified this, and think his points are valid. We also appreciate him differentiating having a warlike image as a band and actually supporting conflict and bloodshed.

Check out Alex’s video statement below. For those of you who are curious, below that you’ll find the statement made this weekend, which as you can see is very different.

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