Get Lost in Arkaik’s Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts

  • Phil Boozeman

You know what fucking rules? Arkaik. You know what rules way fucking harder? New music from Arkaik, and wouldn’t you know it, they just happen to be dropping a new full-length record today. What a treat, huh?

Arkaik have always been a band that excel at doing one thing: melting your face off. Their trademark tech death sound is relentless and uncompromising in its auditory assault, so much so that on first listen, you need a few seconds after each track to digest what you’ve just heard. And although Arkaik’s music has always been good, this shit is next. Fucking. Level.

I could sit here and gush about “The Orphion Descent” having a sick Thy Art Is Murder-style riff right at the beginning (you know, TAIM style except good). I could gush about the triplet and stutter riffs in it, too. I could gush about how killer all three singles are, and how the hype for this album has reignited a fire in my jaded soul that reminded me I can still get excited about hearing new music. But I won’t. The cool thing about albums coming out is that you don’t need to listen to another blogger abstractly explain what death metal sounds like while trying not to write word-remix soup straight from the dictionary. You can just listen to the thing yourself and make up your own mind.

Just don’t forget to come back here after you give it a spin and tell me how right I was. This record is absolutely an Album of the Year contender and any tech death for the remainder of the year had better be ready to throw hands.

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