World Exclusive Premiere: Steaksauce Mustache, “Truck Nut Allergy”


If you’re going to be a mathcore band named Steaksauce Mustache, you better name your songs stuff like, I dunno, “Truck Nut Allergy.” And the video for that song better feature, fuck, like, a giant dirtbag hot dog that vomits mustard when it breaks its ankle? Thankfully, Steaksauce Mustache are here with the video for “Truck Nut Allergy,” the first single from their upcoming album, and you won’t believe what happens!

The band, who call their music ‘partycore’ (aw…), have used the “Truck Nut Allergy” video to basically drive home their MO, which appears to be condiment-based goofery (they’re about to tour with Okilly Dokilly, so one assumes their name is a Homer Simpson reference). The track, which is the first single from their upcoming record All Juice, No Noise, is wonky mathcore with a blue-collar, tongue-in-cheek kind of lyrical vibe. And while we wish we could tell you that the video contains more than a sprinting hot dog spitting up mustard, we’re kind of offended that you’d need anything else. You’ve forgotten what you came here for.

The band have this to say of the track:

“In a lot of ways ‘Truck Nut Allergy’ is the kindred sequel to our song ‘Space Bank,’ from our previous album SuperWoke. Coincidentally, ‘Space Bank’ was the first song we released from SuperWoke, so it’s befitting to me that ‘Truck Nut Allergy’ is the first single we’re releasing from All Juice, No Noise. That was definitely not an intentional plan, but it was a happy little accident, nonetheless.

“The song ‘Truck Nut Allergy’ is an encouragement letter for both myself, and for those who are in the thick of struggling with issues of their own. A reminder that the challenges we face and the pain we endure is temporary. It’s also an encouragement to not get distracted by the opinions or all of the noise around us. It’s so easy to get pulled off your path by one thing or another, so protect your heart. When life knocks you down, get back up. When you fail, try again. When you make mistakes, learn from them and take steps to avoid making them again. I feel like the chorus of this song does a decent job of summing it up : “I’ll be the first to admit I’ve had better days. I’ve got 99 issues and more are on the way. Nothing feels quite right today, no, I don’t feel okay, but as long as I’m living life, I’m living thunderstruck.”

There you have it, true believers.

Check out the video below, followed by the album art and tracklisting. Steaksauce Mustache’s All Juice, No Noise comes out May 13th on Silent Pendulum Records, and is available for preorder. Meanwhile, you can catch the band opening for Okilly Dokilly at one of the following dates:

4/14/2002  The Shrine – Tulsa OK 
4/15/2002The Hi-Tone Cafe – Memphis TN
4/16/2002  Exit/In – Nashville, TN 
4/17/2022  Radio Room – Greenville, SC 
4/19/2022  Motorco Music Hall –  Durham, NC 
4/20/2022  Jammin Java – Vienna, VA
4/21/2022  Kingsland Bar & Grill – Brooklyn, NY 
4/22/2022  Hard Rock Cafe – Boston, MA
4/23/2022  Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY 
4/24/2022  The Crafthouse Stage & Grill – Pittsburgh, PA 
4/25/2022  Sanctuary – Detroit, MI*
4/26/2022  Rumba Cafe – Columbus, OH
4/27/2022  Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH
4/28/2022  The Brass Rail – Fort Wayne, IN
4/29/2022  Hi-Fi – Indianapolis, IN 
4/30/2022  Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL
5/01/2022  X-Ray Arcade – Cudahy, WI 
5/01/2022  Red Flag – St. Louis, MO
5/04/2022  Front of House Lounge – Springfield, MO
5/05/2022  89th Street – OKC – Oklahoma City, OK 
5/06/2022  Three Links Deep Ellum – Dallas, TX 
5/07/2022. Empire Control Room & Garage – Austin, TX

Steaksauce Mustache’s All Juice, No Noise:

  1. Bad Boy Donkey Island
  2. Floppy Disc Function
  3. No Earth Theory
  4. Truck Nut Allergy
  5. Stepdad Energy
  6. Nocturnal daymare
  7. Gossip Banshee
  8. Warp Speed with Aliens
  9. Robot ; Computer Stuff
  10. Workout Jeans
  11. All Juice, No Noise
World Exclusive Premiere: Steaksauce Mustache, “Truck Nut Allergy”

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