Watch: This Doom Metal Cat Is One Evil Fluffy Wuffingtons


This has been a long week, and it ended with a significant downer. Your average week in March is always going to be busy, but coupling it with a game-changing tragedy is really just the universe pouring salt into the existential wound that is life. Thankfully, there are respites from our long wanderings in eternity’s wasteland. Like this cat singing doom metal.

Via our sex-pig life partners over at Metal Injection, Doom Metal Cat is a cat wailing mournfully with YouTuber Andy Rehfeldt adding chugging doom metal guitar licks over it. Is Mr. Kittingtons in fact a servant of the underworld come to reclaim his throne, as the Ancient Egyptians once believed? Probably not, and we’re not sure that’s actually what the Egyptians believed when it came to cats. But it’ll briefly take your mind off of everything, which is all we can really ask for in this fucked-up world.

Behold Doom Metal Cat in all his glory below:

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