This New Hosticide Record Is Rad, Get Into It


Sometimes, all it takes is a name. When I first saw Hosticide‘s e-mail in my inbox, my immediate thought was that I needed to know what ‘hosticide’ is. Is it when a parasite kills its host? Is it killing your host, like at a dinner party? Did it actually have to do with hostility or hostages? Like, when your kidnapping goes wrong, do you commit hosticide in order to let the cops know you’re not fucking around?

The bad news is that I never figured out what the band’s name means. The good news is that I didn’t learn these facts over the course of the three absolutely crushing songs on the band’s new EP Violent Intention. With Black Breath-ish weight, All Pigs Must Die-ish rabidity, and a healthy slab of Dismember-ish fuzz, the New Jersey band create short sharp shocks of sonic ugliness that are instantly compelling. I’m glad I wondered what the name means, and good on these guys for bringing me in with then name and then nailing me to in place with their killer music.

Check out Hosticide’s Violent Intention below. It has a scary werewolf on it, but not, like, a Wizards Of The Coast scary werewolf. Like a giant cat you see in your dreams that eats your mom with an extra mouth in its stomach. That kinda shit.

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