Autopsy Are Recording Their First New Full-Length Album in Eight Years

  • Phil Boozeman

Three words, 17 letters. Say it and I’m yours: NEW FUCKING AUTOPSY.

That’s goddamn right, Autopsy are at work on their seventh full length album, and their first since 2014’s Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves. The news dropped when Greg Wilkinson, their bass replacement for Joe Trevisano and owner of Earhammer Studios, posted a two-minute clip of him tracking new material on Twitter.

I’m actually recording this week as a bass player and not as an engineer for the new Autopsy album. I believe the last time I tracked with an engineer other than myself was some 19 years ago.

Not to get too pumped already or anything, but God does this shit sound so sick even on what I’m going to assume is a phone. In fact, new Autopsy recorded on a phone STILL has better production value than 95% of black metal, but that’s also not saying a whole lot. It’s not hard to outproduce music recorded on a trash can and a potato.

Autopsy and Trevisano split in July on 2021. The reason for the split was listed as personal reasons so Trevisano could spend more time at home with his family. According to the band, the split was on good terms, and there was certainly no ill will between the two parties.

Autopsy said they still planned to continue putting out music, however, and it seems we have some concrete proof that they are making good on their promise. Not that we ever doubted them, but hey, shit happens sometimes.

There’s currently no word on when this album might come out, but we can only hope it’ll be sometime this year. We’re all itching for new Autopsy, and this announcement is only going to make it worse. So all aboard the hype train, tickets are available now at your nearest Internet. Fuck yeah, Autopsy.

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