Fuck, Dude, This New Vital Spirit Record Is Killer


Do we have any Seer fans in the house? Canadian band? Anyone? And Wormwitch, what about them? Any fans? I’ve heard these names before, but I don’t know them at all. And now, I’ll only ever know them as bands that have featured the guys from Vital Spirit, because holy shit, Vital Spirit’s upcoming debut album is fucking killer.

First, let’s talk about the title: Still As The Night, Cold As The Wind. Jesus, fuck yes. Somehow, it’s both the most baroque and the most beautifully simple thing you could ever call an album. The record’s cover art has a similar dichotomy, eerie yet colorful and brightly rendered. I’m sure it has an utterly insane backstory that the band want to tell people about.

As for the music, how to describe it. True cinematic black metal? Extreme Spaghetti Western metal? There’s a lively and emotional combination of grinding black metal and ultra-catchy, ultra-passionate jangling desert rock straight out of a menacing art house movie about dirty people in shitty California. Are you riding a muscle car, or a horse? Is it both? Is the horse riding you? That sort of thing. As one imagines, both sides of this band would be a little annoying separately — another noisy black metal project, another bunch of stoners making long-winded emotional rock — but together, it’s like watching a thunderstorm coming from miles away. It’s elemental and gorgeous and a little fucking scary at times.

Find the first two tracks from the album embedded below. Get this shit when it comes out. Reward music like this.

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