Informal Reader Poll: Which Band Has Disappointed You The Most?


As metal fans, we love our favorite musicians. Because these artists made us feel whole in a world that never fully understood us, we put them on pedestals and do our damnedest to overlook a lot of the silly shit they pull. Showed up hours late to a concert? Eh, they’re busy! New album is a bunch of wonky, experimental bullcrap? They wanted to try new things, and anyway, you can’t write the same record over and over again. While there are obvious hard lines in a musician’s behavior that force fans to abandon them, they’re pretty far off for the average devotee of a killer artist. We’re in it to win it.

All that said, it’s undeniable that sometimes, our favorite musicians just let us down. Whether it’s a drastic departure from the sound that made us love them, an action or quote onstage or on camera that breaks our hearts, or the obvious cash grabs that often drive both of those previous moves, the artists we love will almost certainly find a way to bum us out and make us wonder if we can still be fans. And sure, there are big, ugly examples (like, I dunno, just to make something up, hiring a hitman to have your wife killed), but sometimes it can be the little things. Sometimes, all it takes is something like “I Was Made for Loving You” to get us speaking in hatred the very same name that’s printed across the chest of our shirt.

So, you tell us: who is the artist who’s most disappointed you? Which band or musician left you shaking your head in disappointment over their new album, haircut, or reality TV show? There’s no answer too superficial when it comes to this — we want to know why your favorite artist let you down.

Hit us up in the comments below, or comment via social media. Let’s hear it.

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