Beer Metal: A New Playlist from MetalSucks, Updated Every Saturday With Your Suggestions


It’s no secret that we like ourselves a little drink now and then — and by that, we mean that our Editor In Chief can take down seven or eight High Lifes with frightening ease (High Lives?). The truth is that life’s a bummer, and the gargle’s anesthetic effects keep us from wanting to scream ourselves to death, so we’re happy to claim it’s very cultural to enjoy some local craft brews while housing a 9% DIPA in order to calm the shake. And while all metal is great when you’re drinking, we definitely find that some metal goes down easier than others.

That’s why we’re launching the MetalSucks Beer Metal playlist, a new playlist which celebrates long nights that leave bad tastes in your mouth the next morning. We’ve put together a preliminary collection of anthems to all things boozy, from rollicking pirate metal to frigid blackened saison worship. Hopefully, y’all can enjoy our selection while getting spry on Becks and Grand-Dad all weekend.

But wait — we want you to help us! Hit up [email protected] with suggestions for drinking metal tunes that ought to be in this playlist. We’ll update the playlist every Saturday, and while we can’t say your song is 100% going to get included, we can promise to try and remember to include it while convincing ourselves that taking a shot of herbstura isn’t the most desperate thing in the world.

From all of us at MetalSucks, please drink responsibly. But make sure you do it to this playlist:

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