Today: Gimme Radio Is Playing Sleep’s Dopesmoker on Repeat for 24 Hours


Metal had been all about weed songs since Black Sabbath dropped “Sweet Leaf” in 1971, but it wasn’t until Sleep‘s “Dopesmoker” that metal got its first weed epic. The band, featuring Al Cisneros (also of Om), Matt Pike (also of High On Fire), and Chris Hakius (also of Om), wrote a sprawling, hour-plus journey to the depths of a stoned creation myth, telling an epic tale of spacefaring Weedians seeking a riff-filled land. Of course, “Dopesmoker” was hated by the sober assholes who first heard it, and the band eventually broke up rather than split the sprawling track into a typical playlist (and because they found major-label pressure to be a huge bummer). Of course, the album eventually got released in 1998 as Jerusalem, and saw its proper release in 2012 by Southern Lord Records, offering a new generation of potheads the mythological benchmark they truly needed.

And now, this perfectly-baked moment in metal history is getting honored all 4/20 long by Internet radio station Gimme Metal. Today, Gimme Metal will be playing Dopesmoker on repeat all day long, like A Christmas Story on TBS only with less Scott Farkus and more hastily-ordered Mexican food. With Gimme’s help, fans can bathe in the awesome glory of Dopesmoker over and over again. Not only that, but the stoners at Third Man Records are also advertising a speciality reissue of the album, to be available for preorder on April 30th. Check it out.

To enjoy unbridled Dopesmoker, just download the Gimme app. From everyone at MetalSucks, happy 4/20, and please smoke responsibly.

Today: Gimme Radio Is Playing Sleep’s Dopesmoker on Repeat for 24 Hours
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