Video: Man Buys Cockatoo That Won’t Stop Singing Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”


People like to say they live life with “no regrets,” but they’ve obviously never bought a talking bird. Having an animal that can randomly shriek back things you’ve said in the past seems like something you’ll pay for the entire time you own said creature. Could anything be worse than an animal that copies you all the time? As one man found out, yes — it’s if that animal sings “Bodies” by Drowning Pool constantly.

As you’ll see in the video below via Metal Hammer, Tiktok user Bödan Reykjavik says, “So this is dumb. I just bought a cockatoo from someone on craigslist, and it keeps on making these noises…” It then cuts to his cockatoo singing the chorus to “Bodies” over and over again. Of course, it’s then revealed that Bödan has every idea what the bird is saying, as the song is then added alongside the video. So, ten to one he just taught it the chorus from “Bodies” and then made a video about it.

Even if this is fake, which of course it is, we still find it pretty funny. This is a rare example of a Tiktok joke that actually works because it’s something that could happen in real life and be kind of hilarious (plus, it’s not someone else’s comedy routine that’s been ripped off by some dickfor who thinks that no one could possibly remember things that happened over a year ago). So, Bödan, we salute you. Thank you for making us chuckle with what is at least a semi-original idea. We needed it, given what a hellscape of a week it’s been.

Check out the video below. Meanwhile, we gotta talk to the guy who sold us our dog, because it keeps singing Jonathan Davis’ scat parts from Korn’s songs, and…oh, wait, I think it’s just choking to death on a chicken bone.


man buys cockatoo INSTANTLY regrets it ♬ original sound – Bödan Reykjavik

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