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Chamber Surprise-Release New Three-Song EP


Among the many bands currently pulping metalcore’s face with their brutal riffage and ultra-drops, Chamber are definitely an act we’ve really come to appreciate. The dudes are just consistently fucking brutal where so many others seem content to try and get more commercial and progressive with each new album; while some bands are finally getting their chance to rip off Fear Factory, this Nashville band are still just being themselves, which happens to sound like your thumbnail getting split down the middle. So we’re fuckin’ stoked to learn that Chamber have surprise-dropped a new three-song EP, which you can hear below.

And guess what? It rules. Carved In Stone is three tracks that merge thrash, death, industrial, nu- and groove metal into an awesome whirlwind of foamy spit and scraped-raw knuckles. While opener “Cellophane Form” (creepy mental image) got a music video which you can see below, for us it’s second track “Torn from Perfection” that is the absolutely head-lopper. Overall, this is a three-course free-for-all that cements these guys as a band you need to be paying attention to. This shit is nasty, and sounds made for moshing, and we’re here for that.

According tot he band, via Lambgoat:

“Over the past few years we have taken time to refine and improve our vision for Chamber; expanding our sound through the same chaotic lens. We have been working towards a new album song by song, making sure that each one embodies the heart of our band while pushing us in new directions. Carved In Stone is part of the outcome of 2 weeks we spent recording with our friend Randy LeBoeuf in Belleville, NJ last November. As we continue writing for our second album, we’re so happy to finally share new music with everyone.”

Stream Chamber’s Carved In Stone EP below. and keep your eyes peeled for more sonic exorcisms from these dudes in the near future.

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