Napalm Records and Broken Goblet Brewing Announce Official Collaboration Beer for Decibel‘s Metal & Beer Fest


These days, it feels like every metal band have their own beer, and many of them are challenging to the tongue on principle. But rarely does a metal label have an official brew — and a tasty one at that! But that’s exactly what Napalm Records have concocted alongside Broken Goblet for Decibel‘s 2022 Metal & Beer Fest this June in Philly.

This year, Broken Goblet and Napalm Records present Eisenbrew, a Helles Lager that’ll go well with the tide of metal that’s about to crash down on the City of Brotherly Love. Here’s what you need to know about the beer itself:

“The golden lager in your hand has embarked on a world tour of its own, melding the traditional German-style helles with some juicy American hops, and deriving its name from the metal-rich town of Eisenerz in the heart of Austria. Here, Napalm Records began its rise to the heavy metal elite, and this beer is proudly brewed in partnership with them.”

Welp, that sounds fucking scrumptious. I’ll take a case.

Broken Goblet are, of course, also behind Candlemass’ Doom Lager, which will go well alongside the band playing Epicus Doomicus Metallicus in full at this year’s festival.

According to Mike LaCouture, Co-owner and founder of Broken Goblet Brewing: 

“For this year’s festival beer, we talked alot about keeping it simpler than years past, and putting a beer in the hands of the metalheads at DMBF that wouldn’t knock them over after more than one. At about the same time we were working on recipes, we were also talking with our friends from Napalm Records about the Candlemass collab, and we got to thinking (and drinking) about working together on a beer, and this all came together faster than a 220bpm blast beat. It’s a traditional European recipe with an American twist, crisp, juicy and super easy to crush.”

Meanwhile, Napalm Records’s North American Marketing Manager Bram Teitelman says:

“Myself and the team at Napalm Records are stoked to be partnering with Broken Goblet Brewing on Eisenbrew in conjunction with this year’s Decibel Metal & Beer Festival. Broken Goblet is also the brewing team behind the official Candlemass Doom Lager, also being served at this year’s fest, so this partnership was a no-brainer! We can’t wait for everyone to sip what will undoubtedly be a refreshing beer while enjoying a killer weekend of metal. Cheers!”

All of which is to say, if you’re heading to the fest this year, make sure to skull a couple of these.

Decibel‘s 2022 Metal & Beer Fest will go down June 10th and 11th at The Fillmore in Philadelphia. Get tickets here:

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