They Tore Down Vinnie Paul’s House


Ever since it first went on the market, there has been some question as to what would happen to the home of late Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott. There was even a hot second there where Avenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows floated the Underpants Gnome-style idea of buying the house using NFTs and turning it into a heavy metal museum of sorts. But now, it appears that Vinnie Paul’s house has been listed on that big real estate site in the sky, because the place has apparently been torn down.

As reported by our slam pieces over at Metal Injection, Abbott’s house was lamented online by Ride For Dime event organizer D-Rock Walker, who wrote the following caption under pictures of the demolition crew on his Facebook. Not only that, but according to the timestamp on Walker’s post, the house got demolished two months ago:

“Absolutely gut wrenching and heartbreaking. This is what remains of the monument that was Vinnie Paul’s home in Arlington, Texas.

“This was not only a heavy metal landmark, but a staple in Pantera’s rock and roll legacy. Sold off to private investors to be leveled for a new build. If you were fortunate enough to be invited over, cherish the memories forever…

“Ironically enough the last photo of Vinnie Paul’s Play House, the ‘Brick Wall’ stands alone. ????”

But wait — the plot thickens! A comment under the post from from Leah Winfield, wife of Pantera producer Sterling Winfield, says:

“Heartbreaking at times, but his stated terms. Maybe this can help folks be a little kinder to those fulfilling his final wishes.”

Huh! So while it’s tragic that Vinnie Paul’s house got torn down, maybe that’s what he always wanted? Maybe Vinnie secretly thought that if he couldn’t have the house, no one would? Or maybe this was the only way for him to forever hide the scores of spicy erotic photographs taken of him back in ’86, back when he was young and impressionable. Who knows?

Check out the post below:

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