Exclusive Premiere: War Orphan (Ex-Sick Of It All) Are Hardcore Motivational Speakers On “YDI (You Do It)”


You gotta love War Orphan for not wasting any of our precious time. While other bands weigh down their songs with epic intros and spoken-word tracks about their unique worldviews, these dudes sprint out of the gate, pummeling the listener with a tireless barrage of hardcore punk. Of course, having a pedigree that includes current and former members of acts like Sick Of It all and Reach certainly doesn’t hurt things. That said, the fact that War Orphan don’t rest on those laurels, and instead focus on giving us such exciting new material, is a testament to their stalwart dedication to kicking ass.

Exclusive Premiere: War Orphan (Ex-Sick Of It All) Are Hardcore Motivational Speakers On “YDI (You Do It)”

“YDI (You Do It),” the band’s new single from their upcoming second album Unite, somehow takes that punchy approach and makes it philosophical. Not to say that the track is long-winded or expository — this is under two minutes of hardcore here — only that the song has a really strong motivational quality to it. The lyrics focus on the idea that sitting around isn’t going to make your dreams come true, or change anything, really, so you should stop waiting for the universe to send you a sign and just make that shit happen for yourself. It’s an old-school punk attitude that’s aptly put in this uplifting rager.

Says the band of the song:

“When we were young punk bands would have these songs with letters for name and you had to do your homework to find out what they were talking about. Since we never liked doing homework we’ll just tell you: YDI is an inside joke we use for people who claim to be DIY but expect everything to be done for them. It stands for ‘You Do It.’ Remember kids, chase your dreams because they won’t chase you.”

Check out our exclusive premiere of “YDI (You Do It)” below. Unite is due out this summer from Stay Gold Records.

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