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Jackass Star Bam Margera Returning to Rehab After Bailing on Treatment and Intervention from His Parents


Last month, we congratulated skate icon and Jackass star Bam Margera on completing one year of drug and alcohol treatment. Unfortunately, it now appears that Bam is returning to rehab after bailing on his treatment and undergoing an intervention from a crisis team, which included his parents.

As reported by TMZ, after going missing, Bam was found at a hotel in Deerfield Beach, Florida, unharmed. He was then given an intervention on the spot by a crisis team that included his parents Phil and April.

Bam insisted that he wanted to see his son, and is apparently worried that he will never see him again if he has to continue with treatment, but his wife has urged him to get help, and he was told that he would be unable to see his son if he didn’t go to a new facility. Bam is apparently en route to a new treatment center now now.

This has been part of a disheartening saga for Bam. The skate icon and amateur stuntman bailed on rehab in 2019, only to be arrested and forcibly returned. He didn’t know that his friend Alexi Laiho had passed away until two months after the news broke. 

Bam also sued his Jackass costars and Paramount, claiming they kept him from appearing in Jackass Forever by making him sign a document packed with unreasonable demands; he later dropped that suit, with the document provided by the filmmakers proving more than reasonable. 

That he was one year out of treatment in May was a triumph celebrated by many of his fans and followers (including us), so it is especially heartbreaking to hear that his new lease on life didn’t stick.

Everyone at MetalSucks sends their heart out to Margera, and hopes he gets the help he needs in order to be reunited with his son.

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