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Iggor Cavalera Thinks His Recent Tour With Max Is The Only Sepultura Reunion Anyone Needs


Earlier this year, Max and Iggor Cavalera, the fraternal duo who helped found legendary Brazilian metal act Sepultura, hit the road on their ‘Return Beneath Arise’ tour, which featured them playing songs from the legendary Sepultura albums Beneath the Remains and Arise. While many consider this an awesome thing to behold — lots of fans assumed they’d never see Max and Iggor playing Sepultura tunes together again — others wondered if it might signal the launch of a proper Sepultura reunion tour, specifically including the band’s guitarist Andreas Kisser (who, it should be noted, is still in Sepultura proper). But in a new interview, Iggor has made it clear that while he appreciates the fans’ desire to see the whole band together, he thinks his reunion with Max is all that matters.

Speaking to Mike Nelson on his YouTube channel, Iggor was asked if he was “okay if the band never reunites.” Iggor’s response, as transcribed by Ultimate Guitar, is that as far as he’s concerned, the tour he just did with Max was all the reunion he needs:

“I have to be honest with you, man. You know that the reunion, in my opinion, it’s me and my brother. You know, like that’s the person that I want to be united with. So, for me, that’s…the other stuff, it doesn’t happen…I can’t really, you know, be too bummed about it. Of course, it would be amazing, but the real reunion for me is just me and my brother being together. That’s what makes me happy.”

This is actually the right answer, because look, barring some unthinkable event, Andreas and the Cavaleras aren’t getting back together. Kisser is happy making albums as Sepultura — and given how banger 2020’s Quadra was, he’s doing fine with them — and the Cavaleras are getting to wow their fans with the classics. Why try a most-likely-doomed reunion if everyone’s doing okay?

Check out the interview below:

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