Actor Who Plays Eddie Munson on Stranger Things Says Vengaboys Would Rescue Him from Vecna


If there’s any real star from the latest season of Stranger Things, it’s undoubtedly…well, it’s Sadie Sink, who plays Max. But a close second, and easily the first for the metal community, is Joseph Quinn as good-natured metalhead Eddie Munson. However, in a recent interview, Quinn was asked what song would pull him out of the Upside-Down and save him from unholy villain Vecna, the way Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” does for Max. And his answer is not what you might expect.

Quinn, whose character has launched Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” onto the charts with his climactic performance of the song, was asked what song would save him from Vecna on ‘The Movie Podcast.’ Here’s how he answered, as transcribed by Metal Hammer:

“So I don’t know guys, I’m so far down the rabbit hole with this joke, right. So there’s this Eurotrash band called The Vengaboys, who did this song called ‘We Like To Party.’

“So they’ve got this other track,  as I couldn’t pick that one. I had to pick a different track, the one that no one knows. It’s called ‘Up And Down.’ I was thinking like ‘upside-down’, the up-side down’ and then basically I said that, and now I just have to commit to that. It’s a really stupid song. But that’s my Vecna song!”

What else can we say, other than that the Vengabus is coming. Rumor has it that it will be traveling all the way from New York to San Francisco, though this might be heresay.

Meanwhile, if you want your own Stranger Things-approved mix, Spotify will make one for you. The streaming service has an ‘Upside-Down Playlist’ feature, that takes the songs from your regular rotation that would “save you from the Upside-Down” (and, of course, some ’80s pop nonsense thrown in as well):

“The Upside Down Playlist takes some of your favorite songs and mixes them with a handful of Stranger Things classics to create a vibe strong enough to ward off Hawkins’ most fearsome foe.”

Check out Quinn’s embarrassing choice below:

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