Max Cavalera: “Blame Me for Sepultura Splitting Up, Not Gloria”


There’s a long-running tradition of blaming wives, girlfriends, and other women around a band when things don’t work out for them. Among the bands whose split was laid at the feet of the nearest woman was Brazilian thrash metal gods Sepultura, with Gloria Cavalera, wife and manager of guitarist/vocalist Max Cavalera, often being credited as the author of their downfall. But now, Max has come forward saying that the breakup came from him — not from his wife.

In a new interview with The Dan Chan Show (transcribed by Loudwire), Max tells fans to lay the blame for the band’s split on him, not his wife, saying:

“It’s like anything. It ran its course. One of those things, though, I’ll say is this — it’s extremely frustrating to me that some of the fans don’t understand, and it’s really easy to blame people for it. And a lot of people end up blaming my wife, Gloria.”

Much like Yoko Ono and the Beatles, Gloria Cavalera has been frequently blamed for Max Cavalera’s exit from the band in 1996 after the band released groove/nü-metal classic Roots. His brother, drummer Iggor, remained in the band for another decade before making his exit.

“They always go, ‘She broke up the band.’ And the truth is we grew apart. We started hating each other, man. It happened to The Beatles, and it happened to many other bands. Pantera. It’s just how it is. We didn’t find the joy in playing with each other anymore.

“It’s a cheap shot to blame her. Let’s just blame her. She’s gotta be the reason why that happened. And it’s like, no, not at all. We are the reason. I’d rather they blame me than her or somebody else. Blame me for Sepultura splitting up. I would much rather prefer that.”

A noted 9/11 truther, Gloria managed Sepultura when Max was in the band and currently manages Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Incite and whatever else her family gets up to.

Max and Gloria have been frequently involved in public disputes and mud-slinging involving Sepultura. The brothers recently toured classic Sepultura albums Arise and Beneath the Remains, including a popular stop at Maryland Deathfest. Iggor went on record last month that a full Sepultura reunion is not happening because they’re, you know, still a band with original guitarist Andreas Kisser.

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