Exclusive Premiere: Warforged Get Honest and Heartfelt on “Sheridan Road”


It’d be easy for Warforged to give us the same video over and over again. The band did so well going irreverent and hilarious with their last video for “Bliss Joined to the Bane” that the band could’ve ridden the goofball beardo train all the way to the top of Red Fang Mountain. Instead, with their new video for “Sheridan Road,” Warforged go kind of sweet and thoughtful via a compilation of footage showing what it’s like to be a band on the road in this day and age.

For the record, no, the “Sheridan Road” video isn’t all about blow and snapped thongs. Instead, it features Warforged kicking ass across this great nation and having fun with friends in the meantime. This actually fits the song itself, which has a lot more melodic, emotional elements, showing off the progressive side of the band as much as their death metal-oriented side. Both song and video are nice reminders that even death metal chuds are people with hearts.

Says the band of the song:

“Sheridan Road is a perfect example of the experimentation that makes up a piece of The Grove, and is one of our most ambitious songs to date. Lyrically, this was the first song I wrote as a stream of consciousness, to describe what I and a few of the other guys spent a ton of time doing during the initial months of the pandemic – driving. The video is a good look inside of our lives on the road, featuring a ton of footage we captured ourselves on the Terrestria US tour, and featuring a wide cast of cameo appearances by people we love. Get in your car, turn the ignition on, light up a cigarette and come take a ride with us down Sheridan Road.”

Check out our exclusive premiere of “Sheridan Road” below. Warforged’s new album The Grove / Sundial drops September 9th, and is available for preorder

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