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Exclusive Premiere: Turian Are Coming Undone on New Album ‘No Longer Human’


No Longer Human, the new album from Seattle’s Turian, is the soundtrack to a person losing their mind. Or at least, that’s what the sludgy noise metal outfit make it feel like with their latest album.

Originally formed in 2016 in Seattle, Turian quickly released their debut album, Voiceless, and followed that up with two more albums and an EP, all released on their own label, Buster Room Records. The lineup shifted for Voiceless, moving the group to a quartet with the addition of dedicated vocalist Vern Metztli, and they say the change imbued them with a new sense of life and energy:

“In a lot of ways this feels like our first release. Having Vern join the group has really enabled us to reach for things we haven’t been able to before. It feels like this album has had the most clarity behind it of any of our releases. We’ve somehow musically managed to cover more ground while still remaining cohesive to our vision of what this band sounds like. “

Written over the pandemic, No Longer Human certainly reflects the growing sense of tension in the world. Guitarist Ryan Moon has a seemingly-endless stream of riffs that coil and uncoil at will, moving from moments of absolute nervous tension to bursts of barely-controlled aggression, working off of drummer Andrew Nyte and bassist Cris Sanchez’s tight rhythm section. For all the noise and the vibe that things might go off the rails at any moment, Turian can turn on a dime and switch moods, like the spritz of melody in “Malfunction.”

Turian’s best moments on No Longer Human come when the band surrenders to the unhinged side of their sound: raining down staccato riffs like on “Willoughby,” Metzli’s noise rock swagger on “American Dog,” the balls-out sludge punk of album closer “Saila Maaso” and the metallic bite of “Snakehead.”

If bands like Unsane, BIG|BRAVE and Thou turn you on, then it’s time to plug into No Longer Human.

Live Dates:
August 7th @ The Beacon Cinema – Seattle WA
August 20th @ The Victory Lounge w/ LD50 – Seattle WA

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