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Satyricon’s Satyr Isn’t “Gonna Apologize” for Black Metal’s Complicated History, Max Cavalera Says a Soulfly Reunion Could Happen, and More Top Stories of the Week


Another week in this carnival of filth has come and gone. And what do we have to show for it — a picture of Tommy Lee’s drumstick? At least there’s new Bloodbath, Russian Circles, and Revocation to get excited about. If you’ve missed out on the week’s latest metal news, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with some of the best stories that happened over the last few days.

Satyricon’s Satyr on Black Metal’s Complicated History: “I’m Not Gonna Apologize”

10 Songs Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson Should Have Played in the Upside Down

Arch Enemy Singer Alissa White-Gluz Criticizes Pandemic Restrictions: “I Don’t Think It Was Handled Very Well”

Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Compares New Five Finger Death Punch to Queen: “They Wrote Whatever the Hell They Felt Like Writing”

Guitarist Richard Shaw: “It Wasn’t Fun Anymore” to Play in Cradle of Filth

Dave Lombardo Picks His Favorite Slayer Deep Cuts

Dave “Snake” Sabo Says Reunion with Sebastian Bach “Doesn’t Even Enter My Brain”

Guns N’ Roses Pyro Tech Explains What Happened When James Hetfield Was Injured On Stage

Tommy Lee Shows the World Nothing New by Posting Nude Photo on the Internet

King Diamond to Release a New Album Before Mercyful Fate

That’s all we’ve got for you today. Check back tomorrow for more metal content and be sure to stop in Monday to start the whole grind all over again.

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