Mustaine Was ‘Bothered’ By Metallica Using His Music, Ex-Cradle of Filth Guitarist Stuart Anstis Dead, and More Top Stories of the Week


September is right around the corner and for our school-age readers, that means the end of summer and a return to the grind that only public schooling can provide. And while that sucks now, just remember that life only becomes an endless rat race of a grind that only ends when you’re either fortunate to retire or die. Yayyyyy!

In the meantime, why not whittle away some more of your time by checking out the top stories of the week?

14 Metal Artists Who Should be Much Bigger Than They Are

Mustaine Tells Joe Rogan He Was “Bothered” That Metallica Used His Music Against His Wishes

Ex-Cradle of Filth Guitarist Stuart Anstis Dead

Gojira Drummer Mario Duplantier on Pantera Reunion: “I’m Just Happy When I See Pantera”

Swedish Shredder Yngwie Malmsteen Saves Other Musicians by Remaining a Solo Act

Dimebag Darrell’s Guitar Tech Has Signed on to the Pantera Tour and is Bringing Some Authentic Gear

Nita Strauss on Leaving Alice Cooper to Play with Demi Lovato: ‘I Don’t Feel That I Left’

13 Killer 80’s Thrash Songs NOT from the Big Four

South American Knotfest Dates to Feature Pantera

Deluxe Reissue of Sleep’s Dopesmoker Will Have Actual Pot Leaves in the Vinyl

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