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Scott Kelly Admits to Abusing His Family, Kiko Loureiro Says Dave Mustaine’s Outburst Was Fair and More Top Stories of the Week


Who’s else is enjoying their nice long weekend? Not me. I gotta keep the coal furnace burning here at MetalSucks HQ or the bosses will get angry. You don’t want to see them angry….

Nevermind my plight though. We’ve got a badass playlist of music to while away your time with and a whole mess of articles down below just begging you to read them. It’s all worth your time, every piece is gold, and everything written by that Hesher Keenan guy is particularly fantastic. You should read his stuff multiple times a day, even.

Anyways, have fun. Sit back, crack open a cold one, light up a fat one, and enjoy all the metal goodness we have in store.

Scott Kelly Admits to Family Abuse, Quits Music; Neurosis Responds

Megadeth’s Kiko Loureiro Comments on Mustaine’s Judas Priest Guitar Tech Outburst

Maynard James Keenan on Time Between Tool Albums: “It’s Frustrating”

10 Reasons Why You’re Wrong and Ghost is Actually Incredible

Fred Durst to Host “Immersive Halloween Party” on a Boat in Philly

Mike Patton Was Nearly in Anthrax

Show Review: Rammstein’s Explosive Show in Philly Was a Must-See

Anthrax Call Off European Tour Because of Rising Costs and Logistical Problems

Cannibal Corpse to Close out 2022 by Rampaging Through the U.S.

Revocation’s Dave Davidson Hits the NYC Streets for Live Netherheaven Reactions

That’s what we got this Saturday. We’ll update throughout the weekend, then get back at it hard on Monday.

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