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Bobby Keller’s Top 10 Horror Films That Inspire His Music


Horror flicks and metal go hand in hand. As the days get shorter and the air grows crisp in the dark October sky, there’s no better time to sit back with a bowl of popcorn and let our favorite movies proceed to scare the ever-living shit out of us.

For six-string shredder and perpetual face-melter Bobby Keller, those same movies that keep us up at night are the very same that fuel his insane guitar skills. With Halloween right around the corner and everyone at MetalSucks in the mood for some creepy flicks, we asked Keller to share the 10 movies that best embody his work.


This is probably one of my top movies of all time, and obviously the score for the movie, by John Williams, is just superb. Everyone knows that infamous “Duh Nuh” sound and it sparks nothing but fear in people. How brutal is that? Every metal musician should aim to create riffs that just spark fear in people, so every time I need a little fear enhancement when writing, I think of Jaws and what it could potentially feel like to be swallowed whole. 

Creature from the Black Lagoon

I’m sure you’re all wondering why this one is on the list. Well, being from Florida, I’ve been accustomed to seeing a swamp or lagoon here or there. Every time I watch the movie, I instantly think of what might be lurking around in the swamps and stuff here other than alligators. This feeling makes me think of heavy, sludgy, muck- quaking riffs that only a creature would love. Or maybe, an element of surprise in a song or something, just as how he surprises people. 


Who can forget that creepy, scary as hell “Tubular Bells” theme song. I know I can’t and I know it terrorized me as a kid. It reminds me that sometimes a simple melody line can be very powerful. Certain emotions and whatnot can be attached to such melodies and then you never forget it. 


Similar to the selection above, the iconic Halloween theme song knows how to get the horror party going! In the past I’ve used the theme music as intro music before hitting the stage, and every time it pumps me up and gives me that shot of adrenaline I need. Though I realize that using a murderous man’s theme song may seem a quite macabre, but hey it works. 

The Return of the Living Dead

This movie for me is just an absolute classic, its a vibe. Tarman running around, looking cool as hell, screaming “Brains” is just everything you’d want in an 80’s horror flick. ROTLD is a comfort film for me, I can watch it any time, any where and I’m happy.


Being that this is a silent movie with nothing but music to listen to and the dialogue on screen to read, I think the soundtrack does quite the job here. Very atmospheric, haunting, and evil in just the right ways. Very classic and timeless in my opinion, so whenever I need a little inspiration, this is a good way to get yourself in the mood. 

The Lost Boys

I think anyone can agree with me, that the Lost Boys is one of the best movies of all time, with one of the best soundtracks of all time!! Well, maybe not, but that’s what I think. Everything about this movie inspires me, and I have this rule, if it’s on, I have to watch it. I try to embody my life around being a lost boy, so naturally the music I create follows suite.  

The Blob

Such a classic movie and I actually prefer the original, but I definitely liked the re-make, too. You can’t help but come up with riffs to encompass the surge of pink ooze devouring everyone it touches and literally melting faces. 

The Reanimator

One of the ultimate cult classics, and one of my personal favorites. Herbert West’s utter determination to make his serum work is kind of like us guitarists’ search for the perfect tone or riff. Plus, who doesn’t love all of the blood and talking heads, haha. When I think of this movie, I literally think of how to reanimate or restructure a riff/lead so that it comes to life rather than stay in the same place. 

Dawn of the Dead

This is an interesting one for me, because I often think about what it would be like or what would happen if there was an actual zombie apocalypse. The constant threat of zombies and having to deal with isolation or possibly being the last person on the planet is insane to think about. So for me, big dissonance or atmospheric sounds come to mind.

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