Death Angel to Begin Working on a New Album


The Bay Area Strikes Back Tour may now be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean the guys in Death Angel are going to be cooling their heels for long, as guitarist Rob Cavestany announced that a new album is already in the works.

The news stems from a recent post on the guitarist’s Instagram account, where he spends some time thanking everyone involved in the tour before revealing that new music is on the horizon.

“It’s a wrap! Another epic tour in the books. Stackin’ great memories with my road family once again. Proud of us for hittin it hard soon as we were able after the years off that were forced upon the world. Nearly 100 shows since April, much more already being planned for 2023!

“Thanks to [Testament] and their crew, [Exodus] and their crew but most of all our amazing crew Thilo, Geoff, Slice, DB, Jess, Gigi, Brucie, Chris and Paul. You are the reason this circus of freaks goes round and round day after day, night after night. Without you we would just be 5 dudes playing music on the side of the road. It truly does take a villiage to pillage!

“Shout out to all the venues and promoters who hosted us and let us rock your house.

“Gratitude to the amazing gear companies that provide us with the sickest guitars, amps, drums, cymbals, electronics, accessories…

“Much love to our families, loved ones and dear friends for your never ending support and patience.

“Last but certainly not least our fans that came to rock with us at every show / meet and greet. Your energy, smiles and passion keep us going. Without you we couldn’t do this… love you all.

Now for a bit of a break from touring to recharge and focus on writing the next Death Angel album!”

Naturally, it’s going to be some time before we get to hear whatever new music Death Angel will eventually put out, but it’s still exciting as all hell. In a world full of “-core” bands, it’s great to see old school thrash get some love too.

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