Damn It, Ivan Moody Isn’t Retiring from Metal at All


Hey, remember when Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody dragged his kids out on stage at a recent show and announced that he would be hanging it up when it came to heavy metal? Sounded final, right? Well you should have known better because it turns out he’s not going anywhere at all.

It only took a week but Moody retracted his retirement announcement while answering a fan question on an Instagram live stream. Though the original post is down, a YouTube account has reuploaded the Q&A, which you can watch below.

“No, I’m not leaving,” he said. “I wanted to let you all know.”

Apparently the announcement was a spur of the moment decision and apologized to the fans and his bandmates.

“I really sat back the last few days and took it all in. And I first off want to apologize. I do. I apologize. I apologize because music’s all I’ve got, and I don’t think, for one, my kids would respect me in the long run if I quit doing what got me here. I don’t think my friends would talk to me. Obviously they didn’t text me, not the ones I was hoping for.

“My bandmates deserve better. Zoltan [Bathory] deserves my heart and has earned my respect time and time again. He may as well be my blood. You deserve the best, there is no question about that.”

This isn’t the first time this guy’s said something then backed off. He’s quit the band, taken that statement back, only to announce that he was quitting the band mid-show just a couple months later. So who knows what’s actually happening and what’s not at this point?

Either way, the dude just needs to figure out what he wants to do and do it. If he isn’t into metal anymore, just go and do what you want.

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