Creepy Dudes Get Theirs in the Cinnamon Babe Video for “Loose”


I can’t imagine the kind of bullshit women in the sex work profession have to deal with, but if the latest single by nu-metal newcomers Cinnamon Babe is to be believed, it’s enough to bash a motherfucker’s brains in.

The band, fronted by actress/model Stormi Maya, released their its latest single late last week, with their previous songs “Pure O,” “Messiah,” and “Rock N’ Roll is Black” preceding “Loose.” To say the band’s music has stirred up a hornet’s nest among the sexless trolls of the internet would be an understatement.

Maya, who also has an OnlyFans page, said “Loose” and its music video were based on the topics of mysogyny and sex work.

“Sex work is what I turned to for survival when I was a teenager leaving foster care and dealing with homelessness. I was going back and forth from minimum wage jobs, but it was never enough to pay bills, especially in New York City. I first got into stripping at 18, and I stuck with it for a couple years. I also was a dominatrix, sugar baby, and nude model. In those years, I dealt with a lot of mistreatment, harassment, and abuse from the same men that wanted me for my sexuality. Within the strip club, a lot of the same men that were there paying for my service were the same men that were looking down on me.

“It’s hard to accept that the men I make feel good with my images and company are the same men that turn on me and call me out by name when they don’t get their way. I stand with sex workers no matter their gender. I hope they legalize sex work so it can be protected and girls can rely on law enforcement for protection instead of pimps. I wish we lived in a world where adults having consensual sex and being sexual wasn’t so taboo. My biggest inspiration for the song was ‘Whore’ by In This Moment. That song empowered me so much. Because it’s true – they love me for everything they hate me for.”

So before you go writing this song and band off as just another cog in the nu-metal revival machine, check the video out below. After all, you can show up for the attractive women, but really stay to watch people get the shit kicked out of them in a club.

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