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Pop Singer You Probably Never Heard of Said Metallica is the “Worst Band of All Time”


Man, there are takes and then there are takes. And this recent statement by The 1975‘s Matt Healy is a nuclear-grade take: Metallica are his “worst band of all time.”

I know what you’re saying: “Matt who?” Exactly my reaction too. Healy is the frontman of The 1975, an alt-pop band that’s apparently extremely popular across the pond. While speaking with Pitchfork, he called out the biggest band in the world by saying: “I fucking hate Metallica. My worst band of all time.”

Though he doesn’t explain his position, nor is there much context for the comment, you can assume that this was said in response to the popularity the thrash metal giants received over the summer thanks to Stranger Things. I only bring that up because apparently he said “fuck yeah” when asked if he was a Kate Bush fan.

Now before we all go trashing Healy as just someone that doesn’t know shit about metal, we have to take a step back. Apparently he’s “always been a big metal fan,” according to a 2020 interview he did with The Face.

Yeah, I’ve always been a big metal fan. I was never into Metallica, I liked Slayer and bands like that. Stuff that I was into was bands like Converge, Glassjaw, the more post-hardcore kind of stuff. I was super into Poison the Well and, I mean, Refused are probably my favorite heavy metal band of all time, that was a big deal for me. It was in the Despair collection, the AFI fan club, and all that kind of stuff.

So take that how you will. There are plenty of metalheads out there in the world that dislike Metallica, especially the band they’ve become in recent decades, but to call them the worst? That’s a little crazy coming from a band that hasn’t quite reached international stardom and has a looooong way to go to match Metallica’s record sales and accolades.

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