Corrosion of Conformity’s Mike Dean on The MetalSucks Podcast #464


This week, we have Corrosion of Conformity bassist Mike Dean on the show! During our chat, we discuss their North American tour running all the way until November 27th, performing on Thanksgiving Day this year, celebrating the band’s 40th year, and why frequent collaborator and producer John Custer is vital to their sound. We also learn about that time he was left a Texas Circle K barefoot, how Gene Ween helped with long distant phone calls in the pre-cell phone days, what happened if you performed with the SWANS and smiled on stage in the 90’s, and the tours that he feels were his all time favorites.

The show also has Petar and Sylvia discussing the passing of stand-up comedian Gallagher and Petar’s opportunity to go onstage and use the famous Sledge-O-Matic, as well as their thoughts on any kind of Type O Negative reunion, and Nergal’s comments about kids getting a “proper job” instead of starting a band.

Song: Corrosion of Conformity “Vote With A Bullet”
Song: Corrosion of Conformity “Paranoid Opioid”
Song: Spirit Adrift “Sorcerers Fate”

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