The “Best Of” Episode Part One on The MetalSucks Podcast #468


One of our favorite times of the year is finally here! Yes, it’s time for us at The MetalSucks Podcast to share the collection of bands and music that’s been the soundtrack for 2022.

Though you’re gonna have to listen to the episode to find out what we’ve chosen, we’re willing to give you these hints: there will be one non-metal arena-filling act on the list (it’s not Ghost, by the way). There’s also a veteran punk rock band from the 90s and for the first time ever, ZERO BLACK METAL. Believe us when we say that shit was completely unexpected, but hey — our list is just what we listened to the most this year.

So join us as we celebrate our number 15 to 6 albums on this episode, get interviews with seven of those artists, and play tracks from each in celebration of this wonderful year of heavy music! And make sure to check out all the MetalSucks Best Of contributions this year right here.

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