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Get Wrecked or Die Trying with Venomous Concept’s “Timeline” Video


If you missed the memo, international punks Venomous ConceptNapalm Death‘s Shane Embury and John Cooke, former Brutal Truth vocalist Kevin Sharp and ex-Cancer drummer Carl Stokes—are armed with a new record called The Good Ship Lollipop and it’s due for release in February. Today, Venomous Concept reveal the new video for second single “Timeline.” Buckle in, because it’s a fun one.

First of all, it’s just a really fun and catchy punk song. Stokes’ lively drumming and the Embury/Cooke riffs keep things moving at an upbeat and jovial pace. There are a few super metallic riffs thrown in too and Cooke (who also plays in underrated grind/sludge outfit Corrupt Moral Altar) rips some awesome leads and a solo, so there’s plenty of hesher appeal too.

If you’ve ever spent hours watching Russian dashcam videos or skate fail compilations, the video for “Timeline” is made for you. It’s two minutes and 45 seconds of (non-major) car crashes, fender benders and BMX failures that will make you grateful to have all of your teeth still in your face.

When Venomous Concept announced the album, Embury highlighted the band’s desire to do something in a different style than they usually do and they succeeded with “Timeline.” Check out the video below and pre-order the album via Decibel Records in the US and Graphite Records in Europe.

The Good Ship Lollipop Tracklist:

1. The Good Ship Lollipop
2. Timeline
3. Slack Jaw
4. Pig
5. Clinical
6. Fractured
7. Voices
8. So Sick
9. Flowers Bloom
10. The Humble Crow
11. Can’t Lose
12. Everything is Endlessness
13. Life’s Winter

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