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Major Deathcore Vocalists Team Up to Form ‘The Big Six’


What do you get when you take some of the most talented deathcore vocalists on the planet, stuff them together into the Sweetwater Studios’ recording/rehearsal space, and let them loose? Well, you get the once-rumored Titans of Metal project that’s now better known as the confirmed collaboration dubbed “The Big Six.”

Rumors began to swirl earlier this week, as some people involved with the project began posting clips via social media. Earlier today, details surrounding the project have emerged, and it’s now common knowledge that these following guys were involved:

  • Attila’s Chris Fronzak
  • Fit For An Autopsy’s Joe Badolato
  • Left To Suffer’s Taylor Barber
  • Infant Annihilator & Scumfuck’s Dickie Allen
  • Traitors’ Tyler Shelton
  • Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos

I don’t know about you, but that lineup sounds absolutely fucking apocalyptic. The group have since launched their own Instagram account, though no other information is available on the project at this time.

Some clips have already been posted on Instagram, we’ll be sure to link those down at the bottom of this post. As for the members of this unique collaboration, everyone involved seems to be excited about where the project is headed, including Ramos.

“What an unbelievably good time with the boys. These last few days have been absolutely insane between the Christmas show and this monumental meetup. I knew this was going to be good, but i didn’t fully grasp how much fun this was going to end up being. I love these guys, and you should too. Go follow The Big Six for more crazy shit and don’t forget to listen to Traitors, Attila, Fit For An Autopsy, Left To Suffer, and Scumfuck if you know what’s GOOD for ya. All the love. Big thanks to [Jozy Franco] and the rest of the Sweetwater fam for making this happen.”

We’re excited to see where this collaboration goes. Six vocalists in one project sounds… crazy, especially when you factor in the insane amount of talent each of those guys have. We’ll be sure to keep up to date with this as it progresses.

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