Slipknot Just Dropped “Bone Church,” a Moody New Single from the .5: The Gray Chapter Sessions


Well, this was unexpected. Just moments ago, Slipknot dropped a super moody, slow, almost dirgey track titled “Bone Church.” If you’re looking for the same anger and bombast you’ve come to expect from the nonet, then you’ll probably be sorely mistaken.

As you’ll hear below, this new track is definitely a more contemplative single. It never really ever gets super heavy, fast, or loud, per se, but it does remain consistent and kinda tracks with some of Corey Taylor’s other work.

According to M. Shawn ‘clown’ Crahan, who directed the video you can check out below, the song has been rattling around the band’s brain case for years.

“On the road, we have a ‘jam room’ set up backstage at every show, where we play, practice, warm up and sometimes try out new ideas. Bone Church started life in a jam room on the .5: The Gray Chapter tour. We’ve been bringing it closer and closer to life ever since, and finally, here it is.

“This one is for the fans – a further vision deeper into Slipknot’s history, which is still being written. Enjoy.”

While this isn’t the first time Slipknot’s put something out like this, it’s certainly rare for them to drop a random single outside of a new and upcoming album release. Now that they’re out from under Roadrunner Records’ yoke, however, the band’s definitely seemingly got way more freedom to do whatever they want, which is something Taylor directly expressed last September.

“I mean, it’s cool because at this point, we could do whatever. If we wanted to, we could do a throwback album where we just get in a room and write it live and figure it out. We could turn around and create something really complex and dark. I mean, we could do a double concept album with a movie wrapped around it and make it something that … So for me, it’s really about what do we want to do? What keeps us?

“At this point, we don’t need to come back to this until we really want to. Contractually, we can just say, we can do one offs for the rest of our career. Obviously, some of us in the band have, outside of Slipknot, that allow us time to have the audience go, you know what? It’s about time for a Slipknot album. So we have ways that naturally alleviate the weight and alleviate the pressure of having to go back to back, to back to back, if we don’t want to.”

So who knows if this is the first step in Slipknot going down the “doing one-offs for the rest of our career” path? Either way, it’s interesting to see the band take risks and release something new out of nowhere.

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