Bang Your Head Off with Maze of Sothoth’s New Song, “Blood Tribute”


Bang your fucking head to “Blood Tribute,” the new song from Italian death dealers Maze of Sothoth. Though they’ve been a band for nigh on 15 years, the quartet move slowly; forming in 2009, they released their debut album Soul Demise in 2017 and will release their follow up, Extirpated Light, later this year.

With a release schedule so infrequent—there are no releases between the two albums—it’s understandable that you might not be familiar with Maze of Sothoth, which is why we have a taste of Extirpated Light in the form of ripping new song “Blood Tribute.”

The first half of the song flirts with the slower side of death metal, combining ringing, looming chords with technical, blast-laden drumming before just going for it in the second half, ripping into the technical death metal that they cut their teeth playing. The song eventually returns to a form closer to the first half, closing out on a dazzling-but-melodic solo. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Maze of Sothoth and “Blood Tribute” is that they manage to keep things interesting the entire time, no small achievement for a death metal band writing six-minute tracks.

Take a listen to “Blood Tribute” below and head to Bandcamp if you want to hear more.

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