Your Hate Has Fueled Nickelback All These Years


When it comes to modern rock bands and the hate they receive from the general public, no band has been labeled as big an enemy to the general public’s psyche than Nickelback. Even with the massive crowds they draw and millions of records they sell, it’s been the cool thing to shit on the massive Canadian export.

Yet all that hate. All that vitriol. Has kept the band going. At least that’s what frontman Chad Kroeger said during a recent interview on Full Metal Jackie’s KLOS show Whiplash (as transcribed by Blabbermouth).

“Well, I’ve been saying that for years. All the detractors, all the haters, all the keyboard heroes, they have no idea how much they keep us in the press loop. It’s hilarious. Those people that would love to see us go away, if they really wanted to see us go away, they would just shut up. Because all those bands that came out with us at the same time are all gone, because nobody said anything about them. They all just sort of disappeared. But we’ve really kind of spun this whole negative thing into a positive thing. And here we are. [Laughs]”

So basically, there’s no such thing as bad publicity when it comes to Nickelback. All our shit talking over the years… We could have stopped “Photograph” had we just ignored them. The weight of that realization is almost too much…

Regardless of all the jokes at their expense, Kroeger said the band has largely kept a good outlook on it thanks to what he says is a “great sense of humor.”

“If it’s music oriented and we think it’s funny, we just leave it there, ’cause the band, collectively, has a great sense of humor. I mean, funny’s funny. Just rude and ignorant, that’s different. And yeah, obviously, there’s tons of that too. But funny is funny. And as the Brits would say, we have no problem taking the piss out of ourselves.”

Things have been going pretty okay for Nickelback in recent months, with their music kinda sorta sounding like a hardcore track and the release of their latest album Get Rollin’ doing alright sales wise. But that last bit is no surprise. Sure, they’re music’s whipping boy, but plenty of people apparently love the band enough to make the detractors sound dumb as hell.

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