Liquid Death’s Grannies Will Kick Your Ass for Some Iced Tea in a Can


Liquid Death has been catering to our specific crowd for years, betting that their “murder your thirst” tagline and badass skull on the can will be enough to get us to stop neglecting our stupid fucking husks for a moment and drink some god damned water. And while I solely subsist on caffeine and cigarettes on a daily basis, some of you schlubs could probably stand to imbibe some H2O from time to time.

Well, it turns out the company’s putting out an iced tea line of drinks and to kick that off, they got a buncha grandmas to turn the nursing home up to 11 in their latest commercial. From grannies holding down some death metal to nanas doing sick skateboarding tricks, to mee-maws shooting rockets out of their hoo-haws, this commercial gets wild.

If it feels more like a bit out of Jackass than a commercial, Liquid Death VP of Creative Andy Pearson admitted to advertising publication Muse that it’s by design.

“We grew up on Monty Python and Jackass, so it’s no surprise we made an homage to some of our heroes. The flavors of the new iced tea line include the cleverly named Grim Leafer, Armless Palmer, and Rest In Peach.”

When asked why they subjected grannies to the kind of debauchery usually reserved for Steve-O and Wee Man, Pearson said it was all in a bid to change the public’s perception on tea. And to sell some fucking drinks, obviously.

“Tea has been around for thousands of years. In fact, most people probably see it as something their grandmas drink. With that little kick of caffeine, it’s almost like the original energy drink. Ironically, most of the tea that’s on the market today is packed with caffeine and sugar. As a health beverage company, we set out to make a killer iced tea that didn’t come with all the unhealthy junk–something your grandma would probably even approve of.”

Honestly, I’m not gonna lie — the ad got me interested in the drink. Don’t know if you’re feeling the same way but if Liquid Death wants to send some iced tea my way so I can deal with some sudden onset drymouth late at night for no reason whatsoever… Hit me up.

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